WMO 2019 National Canadian Finalists Announcement

Please find below the list of the finalists who will be invited to write the WMO Canadian Finals on April 26th, 2019. Congratulations to all our finalists!

After the Canadian Finals Competition, the top 6 students from each level will be joining WMO Team Canada 2019 and represent us in Bangkok, Thailand on August 11th, 2019.

Please find the names below based on the campus where they wrote the competitions.

Brampton Campus

Level 1

Dxainan F

Level 2

Ansh A

Yifan T

Aayaan J

Anish N

Burlington Campus

Level 2

Rhys J

Gordon L

University of Calgary

Level 1

Liam N

Level 2

Shotaro R

Central Toronto Campus

Level 1

Ethan A

Alexandra R

Logan M

Tadhg K

Level 2

Benjamin M

Jack W

Creekside Community Centre

Level 1

Brian C

Leonardo Z

Level 2

Ethan S

Feitong S

Long H

Cael F

Don Mills Campus

Level 1

YiJia L

Ryan S

Ryan Y

Level 2

Eric S

Tom S

Sophie Z

Andy Z

New Market Aurora Campus

Level 1

Lucy E

Lucas D

Sashreek A

Alexander A

Level 2

Victor S

Daria P

Fort Garry Campus-Winnipeg

Level 2

Harvey X

Global Head Office

Level 2

Kevin Z

Ciril J

Matthew T

Incarnation Campus

Level 1

Abigail Y

Matthew N

Andrew S

Zachary T

Level 2

Lucy C

Jincheng L

Kanata Campus

Level 1

Michael D

Ethan T

Austin L

Nathan L

Justin H

Derek C

Level 2

Jasper A

Aken S

Erick L

Victor L

Andrew Q

Leaside Campus

Level 1

Charlotte S

Noah C

Sohom M

Jerry J

Level 2

Nicholas S

Joel L

Markham East Campus

Level 1


Jay V

Lucas T

Level 2

Isaac L

Kyle A

Yuying W

Ryan D

Nathan Y

Andrew L

Nicholas P

Markham West Campus

Level 1

Joshua W

Level 2

Jessica J

Shiza M

Nicholas S G

Javier H

Mississauga West Campus

Level 1

Perry D

Dora L

Jeffrey C

Andrew Z

Level 2

Shawn C

Edward W

Pritika L

Oakville Campus

Level 1

Zhuo Y

Lawrence Z

Ryan H

Madhav M

Sean R

Level 2

Richmond Hill Central Campus

Level 1

Melissa L

Kirollos W

Level 2

Andrew L

Jason L

Colin C

Richmond Hill North Campus

Level 1

Thomas H

Kyler C

Roy M

Level 2

Dilen De S

Alice Z

Kenny Z

University of Moncton

Level 2

Amanda (Y) H

Steveston Campus

Level 1

Alex M

Justin Y

Haoze W

Xiuming l

Level 2

Dong F

Ronald C

Riddhima G

Vaughan Campus

Level 1

Abhiraj S

Steven K

Level 2

Anton L

Royce M

West Vancouver Campus

Level 1

Kelvin X

Ethan W

Level 2

Gabriel P

Ziming T

Jia Hong S

Kian S

Registration deadline extended!

WMO Canada, a project by Spirit of Math, is happy to announce the registration deadline for the 2019 qualifiers is extended to March 8, 2019!

WMO Canada is a project powered by Spirit of Math. We select and train Team Canada for the WMO Global Finals.

On August 2018, Team Canada received 11 medals at Stanford University, California!

In 2019, the 12 finalists making up Team Canada will compete against other countries in Thailand.

Students in Grades 3 to 6 can register until March 8, 2019.

Is your child ready to represent Canada?

Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Julius A. K.

Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Julius A. K.

I liked the training camp because I got to meet some new people and refresh on some math. I think that the WMO is a good opportunity to get better at math, but also team activities. The practice activities we did in class were fun, since they got us together as a group before the actual activities, but also helped us know what the actual activities were like.  

Julius A. K. - Silver Medalist from Toronto, Ontario

Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Caroline C.

Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Caroline C.

 I went to the World Mathematical Olympiad last year in Beijing, China, which was not my choice, but my mom’s😜. In the end, it turned out to be so much fun to compete with my team and I got a great experience!!!  I’m glad to have the chance to attend again this year at Stanford this summer. I hope that Canada will be proud of me and 🍁Team Canada🍁!

Caroline C. - Bronze Medalist from Markham, Ontario

Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Jessica J.

Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Jessica J.

A lot of things drive me to represent Canada this summer! It is an amazing opportunity to have some fun, test my abilities, and meet new people, and visit Stanford University. WMO is not just your typical math competition. You don’t just sit there for an hour, write an exam paper, and leave. The whole competition is a full day affair packed with fun. 

Jessica J. Bronze Medalist from Vancouver, British Columbia