Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Caroline C.

Our 2018 WMO Team members told us how they felt before competing about representing Canada in the WMO Global Finals in Stanford University, California on August 11, 2018. 

Caroline C. - Level 2 - Bronze Medalist from Markham, Ontario

Caroline Cheng 2.jpg

“I’m 12 years old and in grade 6. I have been taking Spirit of Math’s after-school classes since grade 3 and they are challenging and fun.

 I went to the World Mathematical Olympiad last year in Beijing, China, which was not my choice, but my mom’s😜. In the end, it turned out to be so much fun to compete with my team and I got a great experience!!! We worked together to build a bridge with about 15 wooden sticks and we were all thrilled when we finished building it to reach the top length and height requirements for full points. We also did a bunch of mini-games like an escape room, laser maze, and a math relay.

Bronze Medalist from Markham, Ontario.

However, the individual test was really challenging, and I learned that with more practice and focus, I could have done better. I’m glad to have the chance to attend again this year at Stanford this summer. I hope that Canada will be proud of me and 🍁Team Canada🍁!

 The preparatory training this year consists of solving booklets of questions and drills (not very fun, but necessary☹) and team building activities (very fun😃). The questions are 📄questions📄, and the team activities include a variety of fun exercises, like building a spaghetti tower, to unite us to work as a team to reach the goal. It is very educational, and I feel like I learned a lot within 9 days.

 Go 🍁Team Canada 2018🍁 Go!"