Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Jessica J.

Our 2018 WMO Team members told us how they felt before competing about representing Canada in the WMO Global Finals in Stanford University, California on August 11, 2018. 

Jessica J. - Level 1 - Bronze Medalist from Vancouver, British Columbia


“I am ten years old and finished grade four. I have been going to Spirit of Math for five years now, which I really enjoy, not only because I learn a lot, but also because it is a ton of fun. Each year, I get super excited about getting the chance to challenge the WMO competition. This will be my third time participating. 

 A lot of things drive me to represent Canada this summer! It is an amazing opportunity to have some fun, test my abilities, and meet new people, and visit Stanford University. WMO is not just your typical math competition. You don’t just sit there for an hour, write an exam paper, and leave. The whole competition is a full day affair packed with fun. 

Besides the stimulating individual paper to write, there are structures to build, math games to play, yummy snacks, a talent show, and a cultural gift exchange between all the different countries. One time I got a chance to ride a bouncy caterpillar.  Another time, our team ran through a ladder in a math relay race!  Half of the competition, teams from the different countries compete against one another, which I enjoy because I like working with people.  Furthermore, I get to learn math from different perspectives, not just numbers, numbers, and more numbers, but as puzzles, creative thinking, and more!  I am looking forward to a magical experience again!

 It is thrilling that the training is done now.  It was really fun, and I feel like I am well prepared.  I know the WMO gets much harder every year from doing past exams and my previous experience, though.  No matter the result, I will be overjoyed and proud to represent my country at the WMO this year!"