Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Julius A. K.

Our 2018 WMO Team members told us how they felt before competing about representing Canada in the WMO Global Finals in Stanford University, California on August 11, 2018. 

Julius A. K. - Level 2 - Silver Medalist from Toronto, Ontario


Julius have been attending Spirit of Math for grades 1 to 4, then moved away from Canada and has just recently moved back. He started back middle of grade 6. Julius has done very well in previous competitions and really shine when it comes to the exam situation. As a fun story we were going on a longer road trip while the selection process was ongoing, so our trip changed route from being a US focused tour to include a lot of time in Canada. Julius attended the first preliminary test in Toronto, the second preliminary in Calgary and the remainder of the holiday was planned around if he go chosen to sit the final, which he ended up doing in Vancouver.

“This summer I am going to the World Mathematical Olympiad in California, where I will be competing against other teams from around the world. I am excited about getting chosen because that is an accomplishment too. I hope I do well at the competition but I’m not worried as I have prepared well attending Spirit of Math training camps.

I liked the training camp because I got to meet some new people and refresh on some math. I think that the WMO is a good opportunity to get better at math, but also team activities. The practice activities we did in class were fun, since they got us together as a group before the actual activities, but also helped us know what the actual activities were like.

I hope I get in next year again, and I would like to say that I think everyone who likes math should enter and practice hard. There’s always a chance that you could get in and compete against the world."