Proud to Represent Canada in 2018 - Ryan D.

Our 2018 WMO Team members told us how they felt before competing about representing Canada in the WMO Global Finals in Stanford University, California on August 11, 2018. 

Ryan D. - Level 2 - Bronze Medalist from Toronto, Ontario

Ryan Denomey.jpg

“Two years ago, I went to Seoul, South Korea for the WMO, and I had the best days of my life, so I decided to try again to go to the WMO, and I made the team this year! So, I am thrilled to go again this year and to represent Canada. To prepare for the Canadian qualifying exams, I practiced a lot of past WMO competitions, and now I am ready to compete at the real WMO. I am also looking forward to the sightseeing around San Francisco and Stanford University. I am feeling amazing since the training started and much more prepared.

Two years ago, I didn’t know what to expect, but this time I am feeling better because the training has started, and my past experience with other math competitions helped me to prepare. The training this year has helped me feel more confident because we did a lot of practice on individual and team rounds. I had lots of fun doing the training and I made some new friends. I am feeling really good about Team Canada, we have an amazing team!"