They are proud to represent Canada

Our 2018 WMO Team members told us how they felt before competing about representing Canada in the WMO Global Finals in Stanford University, California on August 11, 2018. 


Level 1 - Grade 3 & 4

 Bronze Medalist from Brampton, Ontario.

Bronze Medalist from Brampton, Ontario.


I turned 10 years this summer and have been going to Spirit of Math Schools for 2 years now. I really wanted to join since my friend goes here and I wanted to be smart like him, so asked my dad if could join to improve my math skills. This summer, I wanted to test my math skills and see what I was capable of doing and try out new things, So, I signed up for competitions like the Gauss test (I wrote Grade 7 test even though I am only Grade 4 student), Mathematica, Canadian math league and WMO. I really wanted to write WMO selection tests and kept asking my dad, who is also my coach at home if he registered me.

I did a lot of preparation for the final test because I really wanted to be on Team Canada!  On the day of final test, I felt very nervous, like I had butterflies in my stomach, but I had prepared. I had reviewed the concepts, old work from binders and some old WMO final tests as there was a good chance that they would come up as they were in the prelims. I was so happy when I made the final round and the team. Yay!

I am very proud and happy to be representing my country, especially at Stanford as I hear it's a really good university. I may even plan to study there in future! I am excited as I will get to visit San Francisco, be with other team members and get to compete in math which I really love. I will get to meet students from other countries and talk to them about their experiences, how are things in their schools; how they learn and what they learn. It will be super awesome to so many new people, see new places with my team. I am hoping for the best, will do my best and studying hard. With the training, I feel like I learned a lot of new things, new concepts, formulas, algebra, and graph, theory/logic. The training is also helping me a lot on group activities and other things like getting better at teamwork, doing things as a group and building something.

So, I am excited but nervous too as I’m competing against the whole entire world. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am very happy that I can make the best of it and not waste it."

Joshua AUER

Math is a good summer pastime and I want to get better at it. I tried out for the Canadian Math Team because I wanted to test myself and see how hard it would be. I was excited for the chance to be part of a team and specially to go to California. I was really proud when I found out I made the team. I want to thank my mom, dad and my Aunt Jenny for supporting and encouraging me. 

I feel a little more stressed now that training has started because I am worried that I might not be good enough for the competition. The math practice I have been doing every day is making me feel a little more confident. I enjoyed the Math training in Toronto and spending some time with my dad seeing the sights, including the CN Tower. I am excited to work with the 6 teammates I have already met, and I am looking forward to meeting the other 5 members. I can’t believe the competition is coming so soon! “

 Merit Medalist from Ottawa, Ontario

Merit Medalist from Ottawa, Ontario

 Bronze Medalist from Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Bronze Medalist from Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Jessica Jung

"I am ten years old and finished grade four. I have been going to Spirit of Math for five years now, which I really enjoy, not only because I learn a lot, but also because it is a ton of fun. Each year, I get super excited about getting the chance to challenge the WMO competition. This will be my third time participating. 

 A lot of things drive me to represent Canada this summer! It is an amazing opportunity to have some fun, test my abilities, and meet new people, and visit Stanford University. WMO is not just your typical math competition. You don’t just sit there for an hour, write an exam paper, and leave. The whole competition is a full day affair packed with fun. 

Besides the stimulating individual paper to write, there are structures to build, math games to play, yummy snacks, a talent show, and a cultural gift exchange between all the different countries. One time I got a chance to ride a bouncy caterpillar.  Another time, our team ran through a ladder in a math relay race!  Half of the competition, teams from the different countries compete against one another, which I enjoy because I like working with people.  Furthermore, I get to learn math from different perspectives, not just numbers, numbers, and more numbers, but as puzzles, creative thinking, and more!  I am looking forward to a magical experience again!

 It is thrilling that the training is done now.  It was really fun, and I feel like I am well prepared.  I know the WMO gets much harder every year from doing past exams and my previous experience, though.  No matter the result, I will be overjoyed and proud to represent my country at the WMO this year!

Nicolas p. ng

"I am very excited to participate and be a part of this amazing contest!

In the first competition, I wasn’t nervous at all. I felt confident. However, when I got my results, my score was not satisfied. In the second competition, I told myself “I need to get a high score to get into the final contest.” When the results came out, I was close to getting the perfect result, but not good enough, so I started getting worried and thought that I wouldn’t make it to the finals.

 Silver Medalist from Markham, Ontario. 

Silver Medalist from Markham, Ontario. 

When I came back home from school one day, I was so excited to find out that I just managed to remain in the finals! In the finals, the test was very hard! I was not sure if I could be in Team Canada, but I told myself: Don’t give up! Try next year if I failed. A few days later, mom told me I was one of the members of Team Canada. This made me very excited. I am motivated to get ready for the competition. After a week and a half of training, I felt almost prepared, and just needed to get a little more studying done.

I know I will make lots of new friends in the world final. I am looking forward to the world contest!"

 Bronze Medalist from Richmond, British Columbia

Bronze Medalist from Richmond, British Columbia

Keren (david) REN

"David is 10 years old and will be in Grade 5 this fall. He’s been taken the after-school classes in Spirit of Math for 2 years.

David really likes to do Math. Last year we were travelling during the contest time. So, we couldn’t enroll to take the previous contests. This year he didn’t wanna miss it again. It is so lucky to be selected as one member of Canada team Level 1 this year. He is so thrilled to have this chance.

I really appreciate what Spirit of Math has done for these kids. During the 2-week long training I can tell David enjoys the feeling to be challenged and to share his ideas with peers who are also interested in Math just like him and no doubt superior in Math as well. Moreover, he becomes much more self motivated after the training. I think it’s really good for him to know that there are way much unknown things he can learn from others, which pushes him to keep move on.

Best wishes to Canada team in WMO !"

Carol, David’s mom


Level 2 - Grade 5 & 6


Caroline Cheng

"I’m 12 years old and in grade 6. I have been taking Spirit of Math’s after-school classes since grade 3 and they are challenging and fun.

 I went to the World Mathematical Olympiad last year in Beijing, China, which was not my choice, but my mom’s😜. In the end, it turned out to be so much fun to compete with my team and I got a great experience!!! We worked together to build a bridge with about 15 wooden sticks and we were all thrilled when we finished building it to reach the top length and height requirements for full points. We also did a bunch of mini-games like an escape room, laser maze, and a math relay.

 Bronze Medalist from Markham, Ontario.

Bronze Medalist from Markham, Ontario.

However, the individual test was really challenging, and I learned that with more practice and focus, I could have done better. I’m glad to have the chance to attend again this year at Stanford this summer. I hope that Canada will be proud of me and 🍁Team Canada🍁!

 The preparatory training this year consists of solving booklets of questions and drills (not very fun, but necessary) and team building activities (very fun😃). The questions are 📄questions📄, and the team activities include a variety of fun exercises, like building a spaghetti tower, to unite us to work as a team to reach the goal. It is very educational, and I feel like I learned a lot within 9 days.

 Go 🍁Team Canada 2018🍁 Go!

 Bronze Medalist from Toronto, Ontario

Bronze Medalist from Toronto, Ontario

Ryan Denomey

"Two years ago, I went to Seoul, South Korea for the WMO, and I had the best days of my life, so I decided to try again to go to the WMO, and I made the team this year! So, I am thrilled to go again this year and to represent Canada. To prepare for the Canadian qualifying exams, I practiced a lot of past WMO competitions, and now I am ready to compete at the real WMO. I am also looking forward to the sightseeing around San Francisco and Stanford University. I am feeling amazing since the training started and much more prepared.

Two years ago, I didn’t know what to expect, but this time I am feeling better because the training has started, and my past experience with other math competitions helped me to prepare. The training this year has helped me feel more confident because we did a lot of practice on individual and team rounds. I had lots of fun doing the training and I made some new friends. I am feeling really good about Team Canada, we have an amazing team!" 

Julius Aarup Kulla

Julius have been attending Spirit of Math for grades 1 to 4, then moved away from Canada and has just recently moved back. He started back middle of grade 6. Julius has done very well in previous competitions and really shine when it comes to the exam situation. As a fun story we were going on a longer road trip while the selection process was ongoing, so our trip changed route from being a US focused tour to include a lot of time in Canada. Julius attended the first preliminary test in Toronto, the second preliminary in Calgary and the remainder of the holiday was planned around if he go chosen to sit the final, which he ended up doing in Vancouver.

 Silver Medalist from Toronto, Ontario. 

Silver Medalist from Toronto, Ontario. 

"This summer I am going to the World Mathematical Olympiad in California, where I will be competing against other teams from around the world. I am excited about getting chosen because that is an accomplishment too. I hope I do well at the competition but I’m not worried as I have prepared well attending Spirit of Math training camps.

I liked the training camp because I got to meet some new people and refresh on some math. I think that the WMO is a good opportunity to get better at math, but also team activities. The practice activities we did in class were fun, since they got us together as a group before the actual activities, but also helped us know what the actual activities were like.

I hope I get in next year again, and I would like to say that I think everyone who likes math should enter and practice hard. There’s always a chance that you could get in and compete against the world."

 Bronze Medalist from Burlington, Ontario

Bronze Medalist from Burlington, Ontario

Alexander martynov

"I am 12 years old, and a proud member of team Canada at the 2018 WMO event. I have greatly enjoyed math my entire life and that’s what led me to this competition. I started going to Spirit of Math when I was in kindergarten and have been with Spirit of Math from Grade 1 to Grade 7 but I will be leaving next year due to a change of schools.

I wanted to represent team Canada at the 2018 WMO event because I thought it would be an experience of a lifetime that I couldn’t miss.

With my love for math, it was an opportunity impossible to resist. I feel like studied my whole life for this.  Now that Week 2 of training has started, I feel that I am definitely prepared to compete in the event and might even win an award! I’m not that sure for the team games though. We’ll need to improve on those before the event. 

Being a part of team Canada at the 2018 WMO event in an event I am definitely looking forward to and one I will never forget!"