The time was limited, but the team was able to do so well under high pressure, I am so proud of them.
— Ashley Ye, Coach, Team Canada



Led by Kimberley Langen, WMO Canada is an organization powered by Spirit of Math Inc. in collaboration with WMO International.

WMO Canada is in charge of selecting and training Team Canada for the WMO Global Finals each year. 



In 2016, Canada’s first appearance at the WMO International held in Seoul was a success. 

In 2017, thanks to our training, Team Canada won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals during the WMO Global Finals in Beijing, China. 


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In preparation for the international competition, WMO Canada will be undergoing a comprehensive selection process to determine who will represent Team Canada at the event. 



Your role as parents

Parents are a significant part of Team Canada as they are the best supporters for the students before and during the competition. The presence of one parent per student is mandatory for the week-long event of the competition.

Kimberley Langen explained “ parents are very much a big part of what happened in Beijing ”.

Kimberley Langen explained “parents are very much a big part of what happened in Beijing”.

Beth S., a parent (Team Canada 2016), explained why she registered her son to participate in the competition: “A lot of Tristan’s friends are in hockey teams or play competitive soccer, and they get to have these neat experiences where they travel with their teammates and compete together. Tristan doesn’t play hockey, this (math) is his thing. It’s giving him a chance to work with a team and travel with a team to get that really cool experience and feeling to rely on each other and work together.